Finale XIII Zaprešić opena

13th Zaprešić Open Completed!

Dear friends of the bowling sport,

We are proud to announce that the 13th edition of our traditional tournament, the Zaprešić Open, has come to an end. This prestigious event brought together friends of the club, recreational players, bowlers from across the region, and provided us with unforgettable and very exciting moments of sports competition, friendship, and unity.

Tournament Winner: Matej Lepej

In an exciting final, the title was won by Matej Lepej, who showed remarkable calmness, skill, and endurance as he faced motivated and highly focused opponents to reach the final. In the semifinal against Nikola Muše, he broke the record on lane 3 with 205 pins and a total of 377 pins in 60 throws. He shattered the record held by Timo Hoffman for years. In the final, he managed to defeat the resilient Blaž in a tense match that went down to the wire, winning 2-0 in sets (162:171 / 155:15). Congratulations on the displayed game and the title!

Runner-Up: Blaž Čerin

Blaž Čerin took second place, also showing top-notch play and sportsmanship. Blaž demonstrated excellent form, surely helped by the Slovenian national team preparations held at our bowling alley. He had to overcome bowling legends on his way to the final. First Primož Pintarič, then one of the favorites, Luka Bolanča, followed by Boris Benedik, who came to Zaprešić in great shape. In the semifinal, he had to defeat Alen Kujundžić through SW (SW 26:21 (162:146 / 155:161). In the end, he lacked the sports luck and strength to beat the excellent Matej Lepej.

Third Place: Alen Kujundžić and Nikola Muše

Women's Tournament:

Winner: Amela Nicol Imširović

In the women's tournament final, Amela Nicol Imširović won the title, dominating the competition and showing that she is currently in excellent form. Her results suggest a promising performance at the European Championship. Congratulations on winning the title!

Runner-Up: Brigitte Strelec

Brigitte Strelec took second place, displaying excellent play and sportsmanship throughout the tournament. However, her performances before the final and several matches she played in the week before the final took a toll on her. Two years ago, she won our tournament but stood no chance against the spirited Amela in the final. Nevertheless, congratulations on excellent performances leading up to the final with 2-0 wins against Sara and Tihana.

Third Place: Kjara Mazulović and Tihana Čavlović

Repechage Tournament:

In the repechage, a discipline we devised to give players who were eliminated in the main tournament another chance to play, a fun system where you have to call your shot and if you miss, the referee erases the fallen pins. For the second time in a row, the most accurate was the young talented bowler Anej Krajnc, who won an exciting final against the world bowling legend Primož Pintarič, who at times showed talent by playing with his left hand, knocking out our Matija. Who knows, maybe in 50 years some new generation of players will play the left lane with their left hand and the right lane with their right hand - this technique could be named after Primož.

We thank all the players who participated in large numbers through the qualifications, contributing to the high level of competition and sportsmanship. We had performances from girls from Estonia who came for preparations for the world championship. Many of our friends from Hungary, traditionally, most of the qualifications were carried by great friends from Slovenia, as well as from all over Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Macedonia, and Serbia. Without all of you, the tournament would not be at this level, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Special thanks go to our employees at the bowling alley: Miro Noršić, Đuro Futač, and Branko Manev, whose efforts were crucial for the successful organization and execution of the tournament. Guys, well done - it's not easy to be available to all players, and at the same time organize the Croatian Veterans Championship, the Croatian Championship for our youngest players, youth tournaments, summer league, and additional activities at the bowling alley, training sessions, birthdays, and still keep the bowling alley ready and prepared for each day of qualifications.

We also thank all our sponsors, the Sports Association of Zaprešić, the Tourist Board of Zaprešić, the city of Zaprešić, and the club members who helped us financially and as volunteers.

Thanks to our fans, fellow citizens, children who helped us untangle the pins, and for the support that motivates and inspires us to be the best we can be.

Main Prize - Summer Vacation on the Island of Šolta

We are pleased to announce that the main prize in the lottery - a summer vacation on the island of Šolta - has been drawn. The lucky winner is the family of our Alen Kujundžić. Congratulations and we wish you an unforgettable vacation!

See you next year at the 14th Zaprešić Open!

Bowling Club Zaprešić,

Danijel Funda

2 ZADAR 28
9 MEDVEŠČAK 1958 12

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